Year 7 History Visit to Framlingham Castle

On 9th March Year 7 visited Framlingham Castle, as part of their ‘Castles’ History Topic.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the visit started with a walk around the outside of the castle to find out why this was a good site to build a castle.

Inside the castle the pupils completed a quick quiz trail to discover some features of the castle, before having a look at the exhibitions inside the workhouse.  We also tried on some costumes and had a browse around the shop for souvenirs.

Despite some pupils being nervous, everyone completed the Wall Walk.  The Curtain Wall is over 10.5 metres high and gives spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

After a packed lunch in the sunshine, pupils all had fun racing up the steep slopes to the castle wall and further exploring the castle grounds.

This great curriculum visit was enjoyed by all the pupils and the staff too.