UPDATED – Online Learning

Dear Parents/ Carers,

You will have been contacted today by school staff explaining that your son will now be accessing Bramfield online Education through our new learning platform. In preparation for your son beginning online learning, I am writing to you to clarify the process and intentions of the program.



The online learning platform we are using is called “Zoom”. This will offer 2 hours of contact for your son a day with Bramfield House staff. This comprises of; a 1 hour bespoke lesson in the morning and a tutor support module in the afternoon. In the afternoon sessions, our online tutors will be available to help work through the lesson packs that have already been sent home or to discuss other work from the online portal. It is also an opportunity for boys to connect with school staff and support them during when isolated at home.

To access the online workshops we require a valid email address, please make sure you let us know if you update your details. All boys will receive notification of a secure email address set up by the school by the end of the week.  Staff will send an email link to access the online classroom directly to the boys email address from the school. These sessions allow the pupils to remotely screen share documents, power-points and worksheets as well as talk directly to staff.

Boys do not require supervision during these sessions but they will need access to a quiet space so they can follow the class teachers instructions and interact.

If you require headphones or a webcam, please contact the school and we will do our best to support you.


Timetabling of Zoom

The Zoom lessons will begin by Tuesday next week. In advance of this, boys can access work from their resources packs sent home last week. Due to some scheduling planning that has been unforeseen we are now anticipating starting these sessions from Monday 30th March 2020. A timetable will be posted on this website on that date.

It is hoped that this timetable will be expanded after the Easter holiday once the platform is established and working well if the school is not returning back to its normal onsite timetable pattern.

Tutor support sessions will be available 4 afternoons a week. Our staff will be contacting your son on a regular basis to check they are keeping up to date with their learning.


Learning Resources

In addition to this, If your son is accessing our new Lexia Literacy support program, you will be receiving information explaining how this can be accessed in the home remotely. Your son will already have a log on code to access the site and will have been doing this in school. Your sons log on has been sent home to you directly. Please contact the school if you are having difficulties with this.

Mathswatch is an online maths program which boys can access in years 7-11, login details are contained below. Boys can access this and browse through a range of topics suitable for their age range.