Remembrance Day 2020

Over the last week,  the students of Bramfield House and staff have been honouring those who sacrificed their lives during the First WWI, WWII, the Falklands war, the Gulf war, the Iraq war, and including the war in Afghanistan.

Students from Year 4 up to Year 11 have been creating an art installation on the school gates, by decorating the school gates with hundreds of poppies made from recycled plastic bottles.

For the last four years, Stacey King the Art teacher at Bramfield House has been a leading force behind this campaign, to commemorate Remembrance Day with different art installations. over the years the projects have created a real sense of goodwill and have brought the school and the community together, not only to provide a visual tribute but to show respect for those who have given so much and to remember what they fought for.