Precautions for Coronavirus


You will be aware that there are current public health warnings and guidance in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID- 19) across all public sector settings. The Coronavirus whilst not a current serious threat and being contained nationally, is nevertheless a matter that Bramfield House School is taking very seriously.

I know that many of you will have seen on the recent news that some schools have closed due to staff recently testing positive for the virus. Bramfield House is following the government’s current guidance on the matter. This is, that whilst there are no confirmed cases with staff or students associated with the school, the school will remain open as usual.

However, we have taken the decision to increase measures within the school to prevent the spread of all viruses including;

  • Encouraging boys wash their hands with antibacterial soaps when they come into the school, before eating and after activities.
  • Providing hand sanitizer gel to classrooms and teachers to use as appropriate.
  • Making sure that boys can follow the guidance on catch it, bin it, kill it by ensuring tissues are in all teaching spaces.
  • Asking all visitors to use hand gel when entering the school.


In addition, the school nurse is monitoring boy’s health to ensure that those who present as unwell are assessed and where necessary seek medical advice.

Boys who board at the school and are unwell with virus type symptoms cannot sleep in shared boarding rooms for the health of others in the room.  As a last resort, there may therefore be instances where boys may not be able to board if arrangements for them to sleep on their own can’t be accommodated safely.

Any further updates on changes to the school’s approach to this pandemic will be put on the school’s website, parents will be contacted individually by telephone if there is any change to the risk in the school.

We would ask that parents inform the school if they think their child has been exposed to either a person confirmed with the Corona Virus or persons recently travelling from specified countries and areas (Currently Northern Italy, Peoples republic of Korea and China)

Please click the above link to view the current educational guidance on this matter, a poster is being displayed around the school.