Key Stage 3 Art Update

KS3 students in art this week have been reflecting and creating an outside installation, inspired by the British Legion’s video –

Students were reminded of all those who have lost their lives in conflict. This includes soldiers from WWI, WWII, the Falklands war, the Gulf war and the Iraq war. Also current conflicts, such as the war in Afghanistan in which people are still actively fighting today.

The plan was to recreate the first line from the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ as shown the British Legion’s video, covered in poppies. To achieve this, student’s hand-painted nearly 300 individual poppies made from egg boxes. Some students also made poppy wreaths and posters based on the famous war poem by Dr John McCrea.

One of our Year 7 students was so inspired by John McCrae’s poem, he wrote his own interpretation of ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Fields of Poppies 

In the fields poppies will blow on our graves, the cross will stand row to row.
We fight in honour for our people; the war is strong and powerful.
We lay dead in our graves, as the sunset shines down on us.
While we fight for freedom, we cry for help while our friends lay dead.
The poppies grow on our cold graves, but the armies stand strong and fight for us.
The crosses lay on our dark graves, we pray and run but War is strong
We try and try, but can the War can ever be won.
We drop dead in war, while our ancestors save us.
The poppies lay on the dead, while we cry for our families and fight for safety.
We call for help but no-one comes…