KS4 Maths homework is on the mathswatch site. https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/vle/  (any problems logging in please phone the school and speak with Mark Jeffries)

Year 7 Science – Design a safety poster for the lab

Year 8 Science – design an advert for your favourite food highlighting why people should eat it

9A & 9B Science –  Produce an information sheet about Robert Hooke and his light microscope

Year 10 Science – produce an information sheet of the discovery of DNA

Y10 English – Write a letter to a local café to apply for a Saturday job (think about how we did this in class this week on our ‘Detectives’ Unit)

Year 11A Science  – produce information sheets on the uses and dangers of the electromagnetic spectrum

Year 11A English HW – Search For My Tongue poem

Year 11A English HW – Search For My Tongue questions

Year 11B – Produce a poster showing the hazard symbols for use in a lab and what they are used for

Year 11B English – Write a list of things you should think about before attending an interview