COV-19 Update

Dear Parent/ Carer,

Following on from my recent correspondence with you last week concerning the schools approach to the COVID- 19 Corona virus. I am writing to further inform you of measures that the school is putting in place as the national guidance is changing.

As you are aware there is currently no government guidance that schools should be closing and as such we intend to keep the school open and functioning as usual. However, in order to protect the school community as a whole we are putting in place some additional measures to try to limit the possibility that anyone in the school comes into contact with the Coronavirus.

These measures are;

  • Parents and professionals are being invited to attend EHCP reviews via a video/ conference calling system. If your son is due an EHCP review, you will be offered the opportunity to dial-in to these meetings rather than attend in person. Parents/ professionals who would like to attend in person are not precluded from doing so.
  • Staff and young people who are displaying symptoms of fever, dry cough and a runny nose are being asked to stay at home and not attend school for 7 days. Our school nurse is triaging those decisions in school and taking medical advice on a case-by-case basis. This may mean young people with symptoms at school will need to return home. You will be contacted if this is the case.
  • Family liaison and school support meetings external to the school will be restricted for the short term, therefore families/ boys who usually receive support to attend medical, CAMHS or other meetings will not be escorted by school staff at this.
  • Parents of boarders will be contacted individually if their son is boarding in shared accommodation with others that develop symptoms on concern. In these circumstances it may be appropriate for boys who has been in close contact to also be isolated at home. This will be assessed by the nurse on a case-by-case basis.


There are no current plans to close the school however, in the event that a large number of staff are required to self-isolate, in outbreak occurs or government advice changes; you will be contacted individually to inform you of a closure by phone or text. Information will be displayed on the school website by 7:30am. Can I please ask that you check the school website if you are unsure of a closure. The information will be posted here first.

In these circumstances, we will endeavour to inform taxi companies as well.

Can I finish by saying that I hope you are reassured by the proactive approaches we are taking at Bramfield House School. Staff and young people are willingly following advice on handwashing and every possible measure is being taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for staff and boys alike.




Davina Bell