Changes to the Lower School Timetable from September 2018

To help students progress at a pace and level that is more suited to their needs, the Lower School will be changing its timetable for students in year 3 to year 6 from September. English, Maths and Science will be taught in groups determined by ability rather than in year groups. This change will allow students of a lower ability more time to get a better grasp of the foundations of learning in a more nurturing environment. The timetable also allows students who are of high ability or progressing quickly to push themselves to their greatest potential. This is a trial period and the changes will be evaluated once the school’s first term is complete.

Other subjects, such as topic lessons, will remain being taught through year groups rather than ability. The aim of this is to allow year 6 students in particular the experience of transitioning as a group through to the upper school.

If you have any questions about the changes please get in touch with the school. Leigh Bailey (Key Stage 2 Leader) can be directly contacted through his email