Maths homework for years 9, 10 and 11 will be set weekly and accessed by each pupil has individual log in.


Year 7 English 16.03.18

Year 7 Science – make a list of all the chemicals in your house- include any hazard labels on them

Year 7A Maths 16-3-18

Year 8 English 16.03.18

Year 8 Science  – research what makes a fuel

Year 8 Maths 9.3.18

Year 9 English 16.03.18

Year 9 Science  – find out what the different fractions of crude oil are and what their uses are

Year 9B Maths 16-3-18

Year 10 Science – research the uses of carbon and explain why it can have so many different uses

Year 10 English – Write some notes about what it was like in California in the 1930’s.

Year 11 Science – use the BBC bitesize site to begin revision

Year 11 English – Write about a time when you have suffered from some kind of prejudice